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MAY 2021 - FACULTY REQUIREMENTS - We are receiving enquiries about the effect of the Faculty Schedules for the “installation of an electric silent ringing device for the training of ringers” Schedule B Item 6. The Simbell system is low voltage and does not require an electrician to install it. If you are using a mains adapter for power then this will require PAT Testing as will all other electrical devices in the Church. Schedule B items require Archdeacons permission, if you are in any doubt then you can apply for this online, your Diocese will have the relevant information SIMBELL 6 Pack and SIMBELL 8 Pack kits are available including rechargable battery packs, receiver, sensors, reflectors and fixing strips … buy now We have just completed an update to the receiver firmware that allows some additional functionality and can provide some options for a lower power mode which in turn makes the receiver work from USB on some machines that don’t have a charging port. If you have experienced problems and want to have the new firmware installed on your v2.0 units then return the receiver to us and we will update the firmware and return it to you, there is a small charge for postage but the upgrade is free. All new units will now be sent with the new firmware installed, for more information why not have a look at our Video on this subject. PLEASE REMEMBER TO POWER OFF TRANSMITTERS / RECEIVERS WHEN NOT IN USE ! We are currently in the final design stage of an exciting new product in the SIMBELL Range which will make training even easier, and is fully compatible with the current SIMBELL products.

What is SIMBELL?

Very simply, SIMBELL allows Church Bellringers to practice in their own towers with tied clappers but still getting the feedback they need with the bell sounding at the same time it would do if the clappers were not tied. This is achieved via a WIRELESS connection from the Belfry to the Ringing Chamber which makes installation and, if required, portable use a breeze. How does it work ? The Transmitter unit(s) are installed on the bell frame, these are small boxes with a Sensor that points to the Bell Wheel. On the wheel you place a small reflective strip (provided) which, as it passes the sensor, triggers the transmitter to send a signal to the receiver that is connected to your laptop in the ringing chanber, this signal is detected and the software then waits for an appropriate amount of time and then plays the sound of the bell. How many Bells can be connected ? The Transmitter units can currently be installed on up to 16 Bells, but for those who just want to teach new ringers without annoying the locals just a single transmitter and receiver is required initially. We haven’t got Power in the Belfry - is this a problem? Belfries rarely have power sockets due to the fact that by design they are open in some way to the elements and there are few occasions that power would be required. The SIMBELL system works on an optional 12v rechargeable battery pack that is simple to plug in and normally will power 6-8 transmitters for 4-5 hours. Note that although we can provide you with a power pack, you can use any 12v DC supply that you wish, details of the connector that you require can be found in our FAQ section. How much does it cost ? The minimum system is a single transmitter and receiver pair, purchasing one transmitter and one receiver as a set is the starting point and at £135.00 (+ £15.00 P&P) this provides you with a training system for one bell. When you are ready, you can then add additional transmitters to the system as required at only £50 each (+P&P) until you have all bells covered. A 6 Bell Tower Kit with 1 Receiver, 6 Transmitters, one rechargable battery pack, reflectors and Loop Ties is available for £420.00 + £15:00 P&P which means you can have your simulator hardware for under £450 ! We can provide Rechargable Battery Packs for the transmitters at £35.00 (+ £8.00 P&P) and a host of accessories to assist with installation. All the software that we produce is included with the system and is freely available to download. A ring of 6 bells as a complete kit will cost only £385.00 + £15:00 P&P which is the lowest cost for any commercial simulator hardware and it can be with you in a few days from receiving your order.

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Our “Cast Iron” Guarantee to you The SIMBELL System comes with an unconditional 12 month satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problem with the system, we will repair or replace any faulty unit or if you prefer, return any working unit to us with the invoice and we will refund your money. No other manufacturer or supplier in this field offers that guarantee. We do because we are confident of the reliability of SIMBELL and that you will be delighted with the system. Software A new version of the SIMBELL Software for Windows (v1.07) is now available for download - This resolves the issue of nothing happening if the user clicks on the number when setting up the delays or manually playing the sound for the selected bell. Videos NEW INSTALLATION VIDEO! We have completed a new installation video with a complete setup of the a 6 Bell Simbell system including setting up the delays on Abel and Virtual Belfry. We now have videos for the setup of all the major simulator software products available in the video section here and available on our YouTube Channel Recording Bells Our software allows you to make your own recording of your towers bells and then use this within the software, we have put together some hints for how to make this recording using nothing more than a phone. Health and Safety Working in the Belfry can be dangerous - NEVER work with the Bells UP, and never work alone. Tying your Clappers An innovative way to quickly tie a bell’s clapper with a Bicycle Inner Tube and two loops of rope.
Simbell Wireless
Wireless Easy Installation / Portable Low Cost 12 Month “Cast Iron Guarantee” Practice anytime Abel & Virtual Belfry Compatible
SIMBELL Kits: 6 Bell only £420 8 Bell only £550 + £15:00 P&P
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Prices start from  under £150.00 for a basic transmitter / receiver set !
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